Two kicks rule the game

The Houston Texans and Detroit Lions game came down to the Texans having to kick their way to a win in overtime, however it was another kick that has taken a higher precedence. Each week there is seemingly a new controversy that stretches the imagination of NFL fans. The latest of which is bringing Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh back into the headlines for a sure to infamous kick to Texans quarterback Matt Schaub’s groin. There is really no telling if there was really any intention for the kick or if it was just an accident. This isn’t Suh’s first run-in with these types of plays as he has been penalized and fined repeatedly for questionable hits.

I only bring this matter up because I’ve been questioned about the intensity of the NFL game and a peculiar wondering if it has begun to wane. Suh is seen by some as a true warrior of old who seeks to play as violently and with as much passion as any player. But it is my opinion that he has crossed a boundary of which there is no real return. He can come out and apologize, be fined or suspended, but he has truly just become a thug who plays with a reckless abandon regardless of the rules.

If Suh could just stay within the regulations that have been set down by the NFL, he could become one of the most dominant players and would avoid all the negative stigma that has surrounded him.


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