Egging in Atlanta

I am all for rivalries and there is no shortage of that between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints.  Upon arriving in Atlanta, the Saints were apparently treated to a barrage of eggs hitting their team bus from Atlanta fans and possibly airport employees.

I feel that there must be the understood fact that there was no true malice in this act and that it was in short, a light-hearted show of support from some ardent fans. Yes, some fans can and will go beyond this boundary, but in this instance it is a humorous show that these fans sought to show their support. This action is a simplistic taunt at the Saints, though some may come and be upset with this action, there really no way I can comprehend their distaste. The action can be seen as crossing the line, but this brings an old-school feel to the highest level of athletics.

The NFL needs a fresh start to energize an audience and this humorous gesture gives the audience this old-school feel to a game that has been dominated by flashy millionaires who are more preoccupied with who can be the most entertaining person on the field instead of competing a win.


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sports/broadcast journalism student at University of Tennessee-Knoxville
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